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5 Reasons Why KetoDay is the Best Supplement for Daily Energy

KetoDay Daily Energy

Do you wake up in the morning and constantly feel a lack of energy? Or even throughout the day? We get it. That’s why we’d like to share what works for us. KetoDay® is part of a two-supplement formula meant to help you burn your body’s fat for fuel. This is because both KetoDay and KetoNight® have MCT oils that boost our body’s ketone production. The formulas are offered through a liposomal delivery system, which means that the body absorbs the nutrients faster.

There are ways that KetoDay benefits the body in different ways than KetoNight; specifically, it helps you utilize your energy throughout the day. A supplement a day takes the fatigue away, don’t they always say?

1. KetoDay supports healthy morning energy production.

World-leading keto expert Thomas DeLauer says the type of energy that you have while on the keto diet is very important. Especially so with the start of your morning. Because the fat found in MCT oil in the KetoDay formula breaks down so quickly, it allows you to have the immediate energy to kickstart your morning routine. Be it slow, groggy, or if you slept on the wrong side of the bed. *For maximum energy, take one tbsp every morning fifteen minutes to a half-hour before breakfast and pair with KG4.

2. KetoDay supports the body’s ketone supply and production

What are ketones? Ketones are produced into energy once fats from the body are broken down. How does this happen? The stored fats in your body get mobilized into the bloodstream, travel to the liver, and are converted into ketones. EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), an ingredient found in KetoDay, is a type of plant compound that makes sure these fats get mobilized in the bloodstream faster and more efficiently. So what does this all mean for you?

Quicker ketone supply = more energy and ketone support.

3. Supports healthy mitochondrial function

You might have heard in biology class that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. One of its main goals is to give us cell energy and provide ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) for the body. ATP is the body’s energy currency and gives you the power to continue that energy flow throughout the day. Ingredients like MCT oil can increase ATP and assist the mitochondria in its different functions.

4. Contains hormone-free Collagen and Omega 3 Profile

Natural ingredients like collagen and omega 3 profile are also included in this mix to support healthy joints, skin, and brain function. Some studies show that Collagen improves body composition and increases muscle strength in individuals.

5. Supports healthy modulation of inflammation

In addition to its support with ketone production, EGCG has impressive anti-inflammatory properties. KetoDay’s omega-3 ingredient plays a major role in inflammation too. In a 2011 study, the omega-3 lowered inflammation in a group of medical student participants.


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