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5 Incredible Benefits of Using SomaDerm Gel

Whether it’s wrinkles that suddenly appear on your face during your morning skincare routine or trying to catch up on hours of sleep you lost during the night, aging can sneak up on all of us. 

As our bodies start to age at around 30 years old, they stop the production of human growth hormone (HGH), an important protein that plays an important role in our body’s endocrine system. When HGH is diminished, the body starts to slow down. This leads to slower recovery, less energy and stamina, and increased weight gain. 


That’s why we’ve developed an innovative transdermal gel that works with the body’s natural power of endogenous HGH. Using scientific research, proprietary blends, and a unique delivery method, SomaDerm’s key ingredients may provide you with incredible benefits. Check out 5 of them here!

Key Ingredients Shown in Independent Clinical Trials to Increase Endogenous HGH Substantially

Not only does SomaDerm enable the body’s growth hormone, but it increases it in a drastic way! Trial studies have found that a single dose of SomaDerm increased endogenous HGH by 800% in healthy volunteers! This was done by reducing the Somatastin, which is a peptide hormone that blocks the release of HGH. 

Key Ingredients may Enhance Sleep Quality and Mental Function

Anyone else feel like they could use a better night’s sleep? A study conducted through the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index showed that over a one month period, 12 healthy participants who took a key ingredient contained in SomaDerm increased their sleep length by 30%. Additionally, their quality of sleep was even higher, at 50%. Key ingredients have also been shown to support mental and cognitive function.

Key ingredients May Help Maintain Healthy Hormone Levels

Hormone levels can be imbalanced due to a variety of factors including aging, changes in life, toxins, and other stressors. Key ingredients inside SomaDerm such as Wild Yam root and Chaste Tree fruit have been found in clinical trials to balance healthy estrogen levels, boost testosterone, and increase sexual vitality.  

Key Ingredients May Aids in Healthy Weight Management and Increased Lean Mass

Did you know that when SomaDerm was first developed it was designed only for a small group of elite bodybuilders and athletes? Shortly after, it started to show amazing benefits to men and women of all lifestyles! Within the first few months of using SomaDerm, key ingredients may lead to reduced body fat, increased lean mass, and improved joint health! Ingredients in SomaDerm like green tea are known to support healthy weight management.


Key Ingredients are Naturally Beneficial

We use raw ingredients from the Earth. Made with the highest standard of botanical herbs and key ingredients, our SomaDerm blend may promote healthy adrenal and thyroid function, keeping your body running at its most optimal. 

Still wondering what SomaDerm can do for you? Check it out here!


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